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Coaching Services

  • Please select the services you want to book from the 8 categories below.  Scroll through to read the descriptions.

  • Then the site will lead you to the appointment calendar and the payment link. 

  • The Bundle (3 One-Hour sessions) and the High School (2 One-Hour sessions) are booked 1 session at a time.

I'm excited to meet you and hear your story, your issues, and your goals.  Yes, this is a confidential no-judgement zone, you're welcome!

  • Confidential, objective help for personal and family relationships.

    1 hr
    40 US dollars
  • When you're ready to move forward and upward in any area of your life.

    1 hr
    40 US dollars
  • Is there room for improvement? Is it time to make changes?

    1 hr
    40 US dollars
  • 10-minute assessment tool - when you want to know where you stand.

    15 min
    10 US dollars
  • Book after 1st coaching session and homework for a quick follow-up.

    30 min
    20 US dollars
  • Invest in a young adult age 18-23. You are not finished yet...

    1 hr
    60 US dollars
  • Get 2 FREE sessions-for young adults aging out of Foster Care only.

    1 hr
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