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This is What I Know

Updated: Oct 29, 2020

God has not forgotten or neglected to equip me with all I need to be happy and live a great life

I have the body I need

I have the face I need

I have the abilities I need

I have the IQ I need

I have the family I need

I have the gifts I need

I have the feet, legs, and arms and hands I need

I am more than enough to get my job done

Nobody has or can obtain what belongs to me

There is plenty in this land and no lack

I have achieved my purpose in the fullness of time

I will keep moving forward, I will meet the success reserved for me

When I appear to lose, I have won the greatest of my victories

Difficult breaks and insurmountable challenges make me stronger and fortify me to assist others

I am complete

No woman and no man can take what is mine

I am a favored child who dwells in favor, success, abundance, love, and prosperity

I will live forever, because of Salvation

I have never needed anything

All of my needs today and tomorrow are met

I know the Name above all Names is sovereign.

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